Lights Camera Action

26 February 2010

Compass schools have been given a fantastic opportunity to take part in an intensive 5-6 week film production and editing program led by tutor Jack McGrath from Sydney College of the Arts (SCA). The program is a fun and engaging course that introduces students to the basics of film and video production. Working in groups students use the medium of digital video to develop and execute an idea. The program offers schools the opportunity to work with an SCA tutor across all phases of the film production and editing process including:

  • planning
  • shooting
  • editing
  • music & sound FX
  • making a DVD.

To support the program a one-day professional development session in PC-based Film Editing was held at the University of Sydney this week. It was attended by representatives of Condell Park HS, Marrickville PS and Panania PS. Condell Park PS teachers will also receive professional development in-school as part of their program.

The program has been designed to highlight the importance of literacy in film development and the students will learn storyboarding and explore concepts of character, plot and narrative.

During production, students divide into areas including direction, crew, wardrobe and the, all important, actors. Using the storyboard and shot list as a guide, cast and crew cooperate in groups to shoot the film on digital video.

Teachers who attended yesterday's professional development program are keen to take their new skills into their schools with one attendee stating that the course was "empowering, engaging and relevant to syllabus outcomes" and another "these knowledge/skills are a priceless resource in the classroom."