Compass recruits new volunteers at O-Week

3 March 2010

Compass staff successfully ate several bags of redskins, minties and fantales, whilst manning our O-Week stall, all in the pursuit of attracting suitable and capable volunteers for our MULTILIT volunteer program.

Yes, the sugar soared as we talked to over 200 students and generated a large amount of interest for the program over the course of three days.

We had a lot of interest from both male and female Uni students and as the applications start coming in we will contact and interview all applicants individually to ensure they are suitable to deliver the program.

Some of the students had already researched the program and felt that the ethos of Compass really reflected their values. This will guarantee a group of volunteers who will be committed to the program and have a genuine interest in working with our struggling readers.

Numbers of volunteers will be finalised just prior to the training session starting the 22nd of March, however Compass will be in touch with the schools over the next few weeks to set up any volunteer processes and timetables required.