A sustainable literacy intervention takes off in Condell Park

31 March 2010

The Compass program was excited to have 26 year 10 students from Condell Park High School attend a full day of MULTILIT training at the University of Sydney's Camperdown Campus.

Condell Park students Jana, Hussein, Phung and Lilian
Condell Park students Jana, Hussein, Phung and Lilian

16 of these students currently participate in a reading tutoring program with the year 7 students at the high school and ten students have volunteered to attend Yagoona Public School.

The students will deliver MULTILIT and abridged versions of the program to targeted students in the primary schools from Term 2, 2010.

Miriam Pellicano, Senior Project Officer with the Compass program said "the involvement of these high school students in delivering reading tutoring to local primary students will not only complement the work of the Compass Word Up volunteer program, but provide a truly sustainable model of literacy intervention for the students".

Condell Park high school's Compass Coordinator Zena Debaja believed that her students will benefit from their involvement in this program as much as those receiving their support.

Ms Debaja said "these types of experiences are essential for our students in terms of developing effective leadership, communication and self-management skills."

Four students who attended the training session, who are currently tutoring their year seven peers, can certainly see the benefits of being involved in the program.

Jana reflected on the experience by saying "the intervention is important because it will help these students in the future. And the younger we can start, the more the students can absorb the information".

Apart from the attainment element of the program, Phung believes that important characteristics of being a good tutor include "having respect for others, being confident and helping the students socialise and talk to others".

Lilian, her peer that she practiced MULTILIT strategies with during the day believes that "being confident, patient and friendly" are key attributes to making the tutoring experience successful.

Hussein, who was called to the front of the class to role play some of the MULTILIT activities said "I learnt a lot , the day was a good experience and I learnt how to work well with a partner".