A career in hip hop? Why not!

26 May 2010

32 Year 8 students from Marrickville High School braved the cold earlier this month when they attended a sports day at the University of Sydney Camperdown campus.

Under the expert eye of Leonie Lum, Programs Manager with Sydney University Sports and Fitness (SUSF), each student and staff member from Marrickville had the opportunity to participate in soccer, hip hop and movement as well as rock climbing and physical fitness.

Students also met with two of Sydney's sport scholarship holders who told students about juggling the demands of their sport with those of their study, including those of a medicine student.

The day was not aimed at elite athletes but getting students to think about what motivates them and what their passions are. Students were encouraged to think about their future and how they could one day make a career from something for which they have real passion.

When asked what the students liked best about the day, students said "I like rock climbing when you had to buddy yourself to someone and work as a team" and "I liked how I did lots of exercise and learned new things".

When asked if they would like to come to go to university one day, students said "I would cause it gives me a lot of careers that I like" and "Yes because I promised my turo that I would make it to uni and I promised my brother".