Students get a chance to 'break a leg'

2 June 2010

In late 2009, Compass and Sydney College of the Arts (SCA) came together to pilot an in-school Film Production and Editing program with Marrickville Public School.

After the success of this program, Marrickville were keen to have SCA tutor Jack McGrath back in 2010 and Compass were keen to continue their partnership with SCA, with an emphasis on the literacy elements of the program.

Marrickville Public School also wanted to add the finishing touches to a project that began with their inclusion in the Compass program and their participation in the official launch in June of last year.

"I think it's fair to say that I went into this project with a focus on the technical" said Jack. It wasn't long however before all involved realised the potential to support literacy outcomes through the program.

In addition to Jack's half day visits every week, students complete in-class tasks.

"Not only was watching student Director Jarrod and his cast and crew like watching a professional film crew in the making but an entire wall of the classroom was filled with story ideas from brainstorming sessions, storyboards, cast and crew lists and scene breakdowns" said Compass Senior Project Officer Kanina Mackay after a recent visit to Marrickville Public School's film set (aka the year 3/4 classroom).

Marrickville Public School are aiming to enter their new film in the ABC3 and the Centre for Learning Innovation's 2010 Short Film Awards for Primary School Kids.

While Marrickville PS nears the end of its 2010 Film Production & Editing program, we look forward to seeing Condell Park High School and Condell Park, Marrickville and Panania public schools benefit from a program that fuses information and communication technologies with literacy.