Getting a grip on writing

16 June 2010

An intensive in-school Occupational Therapy (OT) program is nearing the end of its first term at a number of Compass schools.

Six University of Sydney Occupational Therapy students in their third year have been spending 2 days per week for the last 8 weeks with:
Athelstane PS, Bexley PS, Kogarah PS, Condell Park PS, Yagoona PS and Wattawa Heights PS.

OT practitioners can support children who have exhibited development disorders, sensory regulation or sensory processing deficits or autism, right through to assisting in the development of fine motor skills.
The OT students have developed a range of practical techniques to assist primary school students to build strength in their hands, correct their posture and as a result improve their handwriting.

"Not only have the OT students identified students with OT issues, but as importantly for us, when a student issue is not related to OT" said Lea Kitchener, principal of Kogarah Public School.
The OT students will finish their placements in two weeks time and will be replaced by fourth year students who will build on the interventions they have initiated and impart their knowledge and skills to teachers. This will help them to identify and respond to OT issues faced by their students in the years to come.