The Three Ps - Powerful Parent Participation

23 June 2010

Whilst in the literacy circle we talk about the three Ps being Pause, Prompt and Praise a suitable twist to the acronym would be Powerful Parent Participation.

Picnic Point Public School hosted a MULTILIT training session for parents yesterday and we had 33 parents attend from Picnic Point Public School, Condell Park Public School, Condell Park High School, Wilkins Public School and Yagoona Public School.

A big thank you to Leanne Nolan and her trusty assistants Bessy Markantonatous, Colleen Genford and Maria Hart for organising and setting up a comfortable and well-equipped space as well as providing us with great food and and an endless pot of caffeinated beverages and sweets to keep us going. Also, a big thank you to Karyn Knowles for her continued support in delivering the MULTILIT training for us.

Leanne Nolan highlighted the importance of parental involvement in the schools with a great PowerPoint presentation that brought home how little one-to-one, uninterrupted, face-to-face time teachers get with their students to sit and support them with their reading. In fact, once all is said and done, teachers could have as little as two minutes per day as dedicated one-to-one time with a student.

Research from the National Literacy Trust (January 2007) indicates overwhelmingly the positive impact that parental involvement has on children's literacy, social and emotional development. So it is little wonder that schools are encouraging parents to get involved and assist the students in a variety of contexts; one being reading tutoring programs that are running at the schools.

The Compass program has now run a number of MULTILIT training sessions for parent tutors and we look forward to regular involvement in supporting parents in this area. When asked: Would you recommend this course to others, one of the parents on the course replied "Yes. It will build confidence to help both at school and with children at home". It was great to see so many parents yesterday and we hope your tutoring experiences at the school will be great.