Superconductors and the Meissner Effect

13 July 2010

'Superconductors and the Meissner Effect' is just one of the areas offered in a two hour intensive Physics workshop offered as part of the Faculty of Science's Science Alliance schools outreach program.

For many schools throughout the state, the University of Sydney's Kickstart Physics program has become an annual science pilgrimage.

Set in a real physics lab in the historic Physics Building at the University of Sydney, the program addresses specific elements of the HSC physics curriculum.

27 Year 11 students from Kogarah High School and their teacher received their own dynamic demonstrator who highlighted the following elements at their Ideas to Implementation workshop last week:

  • Hertz's Experiment
  • Photoelectric effect
  • Superconductors & the Meissner Effect
  • Cathode rays
  • Semiconductors

Science teacher at Kogarah High School Mr Sadek thanked Compass for the opportunity to attend this valuable workshop.