Speech pathology professional development program

26 August 2010

Four students undertaking their 4th year Advanced Topic
Four students undertaking their 4th year Advanced Topic

This semester has seen the launch of a speech pathology program for four of our primary schools; Athelstane PS, Wattawa Heights PS, Condell Park PS and Kogarah PS. This targeted program has four students doing their 4th year Advanced Topic, with the unit of study delivering competencies of consultation skills and teacher training.

The 4th year students will spend a couple of weeks in each school conducting observations of identified students and then preparing a report with recommendations for teachers in each school. To ensure sustainable teaching and learning outcomes Compass and the Clinical Educator, Speech Pathology, Jenny Hill developed a program model that included professional development for teachers at the outset of the program, a consultative in school strategy to ensure that teachers are equipped with knowledge and resources to assist their students and finally, a workshop for parents and teachers at the end of the term, based on the information gathered by the University Students. The professional development session for parents will be held on the 23rd of October, with venue details to be confirmed.

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