Teaching more inclusively

4 November 2010

Good inclusive teaching which values and celebrates diversity has the capacity to enhance and enrich the learning and teaching experiences of all involved.

On November 9, the ten recipients of the University's Social Inclusion conference scholarships will meet with members of the Social Inclusion Unit, the ITL and the Learning Centre to bring to the table their insights into the possibilities and challenges associated with bringing social inclusion into the foreground of University policy and teaching practice. As champions of social inclusion these scholarship recipients have a key role to play in the university's efforts to foster more inclusive teaching. Respecting and engaging with diversity to inform their teaching, these members of the University community will hopefully form part of a network of teachers across schools and faculties who will contribute to recognizing and rewarding of inclusive teaching. As champions they will hopefully be approachable and visible, able to advise their colleagues as to what and how we might teach more inclusively and where we might direct our students if they are in need of further support. Hopefully they will also be able to start some conversations in their faculties about how our teaching and our students' learning, can benefit from the diversity of students in our classes.

There recipients are:

2nd Annual Social Iinclusion in Education Summit - Sydney
Dr Christine Chapparo (Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Health Sciences)
Dr Melanie Collier (Associate Dean Students, Faculty of Veterinary Science)
Dr Andrew Merchant (Lecturer, Faculty of Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources)
Dr Meloni Muir (Lecturer, School of Medical Sciences)
Dr Lisa Pont (Lecturer, Faculty of Pharmacy)
Dr Marianna Sazbo (Lecturer, School of Psychology)
Dr Tim Wilkinson (Senior Lecturer and Sub Dean Undergraduate, Faculty of Engineering & Information Technologies)

2nd Annual Student Equity in Higher Education Conference - Melbourne
Dr Jennifer Barrett (Senior Lecturer and Pro-Dean, Faculty of Arts)
Ms Tanya Mitchell (Lecturer, Faculty of Law)
Dr Fran Waugh (Senior Lecturer and Associate Dean (Learning & Teaching), Faculty of Education & Social Work)

Please take the opportunity to touch base with these people, draw upon what they know and what they do, and speak about ways you might enrich your teaching through the diversity of your students. Also keep a look out for follow up meetings and discussions you might join on 'inclusive teaching' in your faculty!