Giant Science is on again

3 March 2011

On Thursday 28 April 2011 Compass partner schools will once again flock to the University for one of the biggest events in the Science Alliance schools outreach program: Science Alliance.

Primary school students have the opportunity to really experience science at the University of Sydney with an intensive day of workshops and hands-on activities across a diverse range of science disciplines.

In 2009 more than 600 students from Compass partner schools attended Giant Science and we expect hundreds to again to register in 2011.

Students will start their day with a welcome to the university, followed by an amazing Science Show. There are rumours that this show might just include an air-powered cornflake-sprinkler for food-fighting devastation and a snake!

Following on from the show students will have the opportunity to attend two workshops which will reveal the excitement of science to these future budding boffins. If this isn't enough to whet their interest, the day will finish with the closing ceremony with Dr Karl Kruszelnicki.

To download a copy of the Giant Science Registration Form click here.

Compass Science 3-Phase program

With the support of faculties and teachers from our partner schools, Compass has developed a series of pre and post event lesson plans around our 'foundation' activities, including those offered Sydney's Faculty of Science. These programs aim to:

  • explain the role and objectives of the Compass program
  • ensure students gain maximum value from on-campus University visits
  • provide students with an enriched learning experience through action learning and reflection

Phase 1 pre-lesson
provides students with introduction to the concept of higher education and understand the objectives of their university experience day

Phase 2 on-campus event
Eg Giant Science, Science in the City

Phase 3 post-lesson
students are given the opportunity to reflect positively on their experience and highlight their possibility of higher education. Wherever possible, the third phase of our 3-phase programs will be facilitated by University staff or student volunteers.

To book a Phase 3 (post-event lesson) facilitated by University of Sydney Student Volunteers click here.

To find out more about Compass' 3-phase program please email