Compass at O-Week

3 March 2011

What is O-Week to Compass? Three days of enthusiastic chatting, yakking, and chewing the fat (and sherbies) with thousands of Sydney students. The result? Almost 200 students registering their interest at the stall!

In addition to the curious newcomers, we were approached by numerous students who had already heard great things about us and couldn't wait to get on board! We also saw a some familiar faces, with many of our "veterans" coming to have a chin-wag and to let us know we should keep an eye open for their 2011 application.

We have now begun the rigorous process of interviewing our applicants to ensure they are suitable to deliver our programs. The majority of applicants have expressed a genuine desire to improve the educational outcomes of the school students with whom they will work. The community-minded attitude of our applicants is bound to provide us with a group of committed and effective volunteers.

Numbers of volunteers will be finalised just before volunteer training commences on the 14th of March. We will then be in touch with schools to confirm timetables and get the ball rolling for our Compass programs in 2011!