Semester Two Volunteer Recruitment - Thank you to our supportive Sydney lecturers!

23 June 2011

Volunteer applications are flowing in, thanks in no small part to the kind lecturers who not only allowed us to use their lectures as a recruitment forum, but also enthusiastically promoted the Compass program to their students! We would like to take this opportunity to publicly express our appreciation for the support and endorsement the following individuals have extended to the most recent Compass volunteer recruitment drive:

Dr Dorothy Botrell (Lecturer: Masters of Teaching)
Dr Fiona Clissold (Lecturer: Invertebrate Zoology)
Dr Ian Johnston (Co-ordinator: Brain and Behaviour)
Dr Elizabeth May (Co-ordinator: Intermediate Zoology)
Dr Caleb Owens (Co-ordinator: First Year Psychology)
Ms Sadhana Raju (Manager: Teaching Quality and Outreach, School of Psychology)
Mr Alex Russell (Lecturer: Brain and Behaviour)

We are accepting volunteer applications until Friday the 1st of July. Our volunteering opportunities are not just limited to students - staff are most welcome to apply! For further information, please see our volunteer page.

Phone: 02 935