Occupational Therapy at Compass Schools

16 June 2011

Six University of Sydney Occupational Therapy (OT) students have commenced their placements at Marrickville, Marrickville West, Wilkins, Picnic Point, Panania and Revesby South Public Schools. OT students and the schools will be working through a collaborative consultation model that allows them to work with both the whole classroom and with small groups of school students, throughout term two and term three.

The 3rd and 4th year OT students from University of Sydney will not only assist teachers in identifying students who are at risk, but also provide valuable advice to staff and parents, and provide support for individual student's special needs. The OT program focuses on facilitating each school student's ability to participate to the best of their ability, and as independently as possible, within the curriculum and school framework. Working closely with primary schools also support OT students' practical applications in assisting students with their fine and gross motor skills, handwriting, sensory processing, self-care and play skills.