Compass students: future Oscar winners?

18 August 2011

Jack McGrath, lecturer from Sydney Collage of the Arts (and animator extraordinaire), has delivered the Compass Film Production and Editing program in five Compass partner schools, with another four schools to take part in semester two. The program involves students, as well as their teacher, learning the basics of making a live film. Over six weeks, the class will learn skills pertaining to:

  • Pre-production - script writing, story boarding and character modelling
  • Production - effective camera use, setting the scene and acting
  • Post-production - creating credits, adding a soundtrack and editing

Students not only get first-hand experience making their own films with a qualified and experienced filmmaker, they will also build on their literacy and ICT skills, in addition to improving communication, team-work and leadership.

The program is designed to complement the syllabus and teachers are urged to utilise the program as a tool for teaching their topic area or current teaching program. Kogarah Public School utilised the Film Production and editing program as a tool to teach their environmental unit. They were able to cover elements of all sections of the Stage 3 curriculum. Kogarah Intensive English Language Centre also made fantastic use of the program, creating a funny, yet moving film about the difficulties faced by students newly arrived in Australia.

Keen to stroll down the red carpet at our premiere?

Students' works will be exhibited at this year's Compass Showcase on the 20th of November. All are welcome!

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