Year 8 Experience Day, 2011

1 November 2011

The annual Year 8 Experience Day went of with a bang, literally, thanks to the Communicators from the Faculty of Science!

But this visit of more than 330 year 8 students from Compass partner schools was not merely about seeing things explode. The students were able to have a real taste of what the University of Sydney has to offer. During the day the students had a chance to:

  • Check out the University of Sydney's museums and get face-to-face with a mummy, a stuffed womb and the skull of a one-eyed horse!
  • Take an archeological tour of the Quadrangle (turns out there is a lot more to it than it's stunning neo-gothic architecture!)
  • Experience a simulated courtroom at the Moot Court with the Sydney University Law Society students
  • Get some hands on experience with the School of Architecture (using some fairly unorthodox building materials - string, spaghetti and marshmallows!)
  • Make ice cream using liquid nitrogen with a couple of chemical engineering whizzes from the Faculty of Engineering and IT and extract DNA from strawberries with the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
  • Try their hand (arms, legs, hips, head) at some amazing acrobatic feats with students from SURCAS (Sydney University Recreational Circus Arts Society)
  • Climb the climbing wall with Sydney University Sport and Fitness and if they took a tumble and lost some teeth? The Faculty of Dentistry was on hand to explain how teeth are replaced!
  • Immerse themselves in the world of advertising and marketing with the Sydney Business School
  • Harmonise their way to happiness in the Great Hall with the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and "Singing for Fun"
  • Check for vital signs on the scarily real-life mannequins (they even sneeze!) with the Faculty of Nursing
  • Secure some Shakespearean style sonnetting skills with the Faculty of Arts, English (clearly, given that sonnetting is a made-up word, this article was NOT written by anyone from English!)
  • Get an insight into the life of a Vet while learning about the differences in skull shape and size with the Faculty of Veterinary Science
  • Make mess (and art) at a monoprinting workshop with Sydney College of the Arts and
  • Delve into the world of fiction and non-fiction at the Co-op Bookshop

The diverse range of activities on offer allowed the students to explore both their interests, as well as the University. Through their partnership with the Compass program, these students will be able to continue familiarising themselves with what higher education has to offer by attending an event or activity at The University of Sydney each year that they are in school. And we very much look forward to having them back!