Connecting classrooms - The future of learning

3 November 2011

In 2007, the NSW state government committed a large amount of funding to enhancing learning technologies available in public schools. This included providing every school with at least one interactive whiteboard and a room with video-conferencing facilities. These technologies are incredibly valuable from a social inclusion perspective as they allow students and teachers from regional, rural or remote areas to more easily interact with experiences that previously would have been near impossible due to distance or financial reasons. For this reason, Compass has begun to examine ways we can utilise this medium to provide our partner schools with opportunities that previously may not have been practical, such as short-courses for teachers or virtual lessons for students.

Compass recently delivered an Occupational Therapy professional learning session that was beamed out to three of our partner schools in South-West Sydney during their staff-meeting time.

Two fourth year Occupational Therapy students, who had been working in Compass schools during term 3, developed and delivered the short interactive presentation on how to improve core strength. Schools were emailed resources, as well as an accompanying powerpoint presentation, thus providing an interactive professional learning experience from a remote location in an entirely electronic format.

As Compass extends our partnerships to rural and remote New South Wales, we expect to be using this technology more frequently to ensure our new schools are given plenty of opportunities to engage with The University of Sydney and enjoy some of the experiences previously limited to our metropolitan schools.