Catching up

8 March 2012

In the last few weeks the Compass team has been busy visiting our partner schools' staff and parent meetings, talking to teachers and parents about Compass and some of the programs and activities taking place in 2012. So far we have visited Bexley, Marrickville West and Wattawa Heights Public Schools and Kogarah High School.

At Bexley PS the parents were very keen to hear about the university environment and asked many questions about university study. They also shared their stories about how they are encouraging their children to pursue higher education. As well as attending a staff meeting we were also invited to Kogarah High School's Open Day, a fantastic opportunity to speak directly with teachers, students and parents.

We are always keen to share information about Compass and university and to hear more about our partner schools and their communities.

If you are interested to have Compass representatives at your staff meetings, Conference, Fair Day, Open Day, Parents and Community meeting, please complete the Compass Online booking form and we will get in touch to discuss details.

You could also:

  • Schedule a short time during staff meetings for Compass to introduce an school-based program such as the Film Editing or Occupational Therapy programs;
  • Sign up to receive the weekly Compass Directions newsletter; and/or
  • Visit the University of Sydney's Social Inclusion and Compass websites to find out more.

Or just look out us in our yellow Compass t-shirts when we visit your school we'd love to say hello.