Year 11 'Thinking Ahead' workshop took off at Condell Park HS

12 April 2012

Last week, Compass staff, University of Sydney's student ambassadors and the Sydney Business School visited Condell Park HS to facilitate our 'Thinking Ahead' workshop. Compass is launching this new workshop for Year 11 students to introduce the university scholarship process. The aim is to encourage students to think ahead before entering their final year in high school about what they might need to do to be a successful scholarship applicant.

After the presentation, the University ambassadors answered all sorts of questions from the thirty high school students about university in general and life after university.

The scholarship session was followed by a career workshop run by Sydney Business School.

The workshop aimed to provide more information to students about career possibilities, develop a deeper understanding of different career paths and the role that higher education can play. The students were also challenged to think about what might drive their decisions about career. One of the small group exercises students were asked identify the three most important priorities in their life. A lively discussion took place, as the students attempted to prioritise money, family, spirituality, career, travel, learning, adventure, culture and finding balance in life. Each group then presented to the class their top three and explained their decisions.

Compass would like to thank the Student Recruitment Unit, Sydney Business School and Zena Dabaja from Condell Park HS for their assistance.

Please contact a Compass administrator if you need more information about the Year 11 'Think Ahead' workshop.