Our five new partner schools

26 April 2012

We are thrilled to announce that we have five new schools partnering with Compass this year. They are:

  • Fairfield Public School
  • Villawood East Public School
  • Moorebank High School
  • Liverpool Girls High School
  • Liverpool Boys High School

Since the launch of Compass in June 2009, the program has expanded each year, strengthening existing partnerships and creating new ones. Since beginning with 12 schools in June 2009, the program now has partnerships with 25 Sydney schools including 13 primary schools, 10 high schools and 2 Intensive English Centres (IECs). The University has Widening Participation Programs in place with a further 35 Sydney Schools and we are also engaged in primary and high schools in regional NSW.

These five schools join Compass as the Program's activity continues to grow in depth and breadth. And as the University launches new entry pathways and our collaborative work with four other Sydney based universities grows and intensifies.

The collaboration with our partner primary schools has led to a well established engagement program, which is always celebrated with some fanfare each year at our Year Three Introduction to University Day. Next week we will welcome the addition of 75 students from Fairfield Public School and 33 from Villawood East Public School, who will be helping to make the 2012 event the biggest ever, with over 800 students expected.

As the Compass Program's engagement with High Schools continues to deepen we are delighted that Liverpool Boys High School, Liverpool Girls High School and Moorebank High School will now be partnering in the program. On joining Compass, Mike Saxon, Principal of Liverpool Boys High School comments "we are really excited about the possibilities for our boys in 2012."

Compass also looks forward to forging new relationships with these school communities. The addition of five new schools and the different interests, focus areas and perspectives they will bring will undoubtedly contribute to the further successful development of Compass.