No ordinary use of Bubblewrap and Boxes

10 May 2012

What would you do with your bubblewrap and boxes? Storage? Mailing? The performers of the Asking For Trouble theatre company had different ideas and used them to create an award-winning show for children.

More than 350 students from Condell Park PS, Yagoona PS, Villawood East PS, Panania PS, Picnic Point PS and Revesby South PS enjoyed the delightful performance of Bubblewrap and Boxes in May at the Seymour Centre, the University of Sydney.

Students immersed themselves in the high energy acrobatics and clowning of the show, which largely uses movement to tell the story. The performance took them to the lost mailroom, a strange, dusty nowhere land full of cardboard boxes as two mail room attendants found extraordinary ways to do ordinary things.

Students will have a chance to reflect back on their experience when Compass volunteers come to their classroom to facilitate activities around performance studies.

Compass Performance Studies 3-Phase program

This year, Compass has developed pre and post lesson plans for performance studies. This programs consists of:

Phase 1 pre-lesson
Provides students with introduction to the concept of performance and an understanding of the collaboration process in theatre-making.

Phase 2 on-campus event
Seymour Centre performance

Phase 3 post-lesson
Students are given the opportunity to reflect positively on their performance experience, articulate and extend their response and become 'little critics' by designing a promotional poster. University staff and student volunteers will facilitate the third phase.

To book a Phase 3 (post-event lesson) facilitated by Compass volunteers click here.

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