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November 2010
Compass Program featured in The Australian   View Summary
25 November 2010
The AustralianAn article recently published in The Australian reports that "Up to 40 per cent of first-year undergraduates first consider university in primary school." The article also explores some of the work undertaken by the Compass program toward helping primary and high school students on their way to tertiary education.
Global Hand Washing Day    View Summary
18 November 2010
Global Hand Washing DayGlobal Handwashing Day is an initiative by global aid agencies and industry to promote hygiene practice and to highlight how diseases can be spread. Earlier this week, students and parents from Picnic Point PS participated in a morning of high-tech germ spotting that showed just how invasive those pesky germs truly are!
2010 Compass Showcase - a great success   View Summary
4 November 2010
Compass showcase 2010Despite the rather ominous rain clouds filling the sky on Sunday morning, more than 300 students, parents, teachers from our partner schools joined University of Sydney staff and student volunteers to celebrate the first year of the Compass - find your way to higher education program.
And the winner is........Marrickville PS   View Summary
4 November 2010
Marrickville students filmingMarrickville PS have taken their film making aspirations to new heights in 2010 by taking out finalist honours, not just once but twice in the ABC 3 Short Film Awards Primary.
Teaching more inclusively   View Summary
4 November 2010
Teaching more inclusivelyOn November 9, the ten recipients of the University's Social Inclusion conference scholarships will meet with members of the Social Inclusion Unit, the ITL and the Learning Centre to bring to the table their insights into the possibilities and challenges associated with bringing social inclusion into the foreground of University policy and teaching practice.
October 2010
The Whacky Races   View Summary
28 October 2010
A race car built by students from Marrickville High SchoolIn collaboration with the Compass Program, a group of Civil Engineering students from the Faculty of Engineering's Third Year Advanced Engineering course worked with Marrickville High School to inspire their Year 9 students towards tertiary education and the Engineering profession.
Listen to Gareth Parry Lecture   View Summary
14 October 2010
Photo of Gareth ParryA recording of Gareth Parry's talk, "Doing the dirty work of higher education", is now available for download.
Contemporary dance and technology collide in GLOW   View Summary
14 October 2010
Glow poster5 teachers and 50 year 9 and 10 students from Kogarah Intensive English Centre (KIEC) were treated to an incredible performance by one of Australia's leading dance companies, Chunky Move at the Seymour Centre this week.
Have we made an impact yet?   View Summary
7 October 2010
A University of Sydney Word Up volunteer working with a Bexley PS studentReviewing interviews with students as young as 9 to those about to transition to post school options, it seems that (anacdotely at least) the Compass program has made a positive impact across our target schools.
September 2010
A Reluctant Farewell to Our OT Students    View Summary
30 September 2010
Primary school students writingSix University of Sydney Occupational Therapy (OT) students have completed their placements in Athelstane, Bexley, Kogarah, Condell Park, Yagoona and Wattawa Heights Public Schools. The 4th year university students spent 2 days a week in each school working with students and teachers. They have developed activities to correct students postures, strengthen their hands and improve their handwriting. The OT students will return to the school in early Term 4 to facilitate a workshop with teachers demonstrating practical activities that can be implemented in the classroom.
Wilkins Public School Fair Day   View Summary
23 September 2010
Wilkins Public School Fair DayThe Compass program was invited to have a stall at the fair to run science activities and to talk to parents about the involvement of the program at the primary school; to highlight both the awareness and attainment projects that have marked our partnership over the last year.
16 September 2010
Compass showcaseThe University of Sydney warmly invites you to join us in celebrating the Compass - find your way to higher education program throughout 2010.
2011 Compass Schools Planning Breakfasts   View Summary
16 September 2010
Compass Schools Planning BreakfastPrincipals, D/Principals and/or Compass Coordinators are invited to attend one of the 2011 Compass Schools Planning Breakfasts. The breakfasts will provide an opportunity for school leaders and Compass coordinators to reflect on the Compass program in 2010 and discuss program delivery in 2011.
Compass Book Drive 2010 - Thank You!   View Summary
9 September 2010
Compass Book DriveThe Compass Book Drive 2010 was an overwhelming success with more than 550 books donated!
Science In The City 2010   View Summary
9 September 2010
Science in the CityStudents participated in workshops that covered a wide range of science topics such as: Sound Effects; Dinosaurs; Freaky Forces; Birds and Insects; The Human Body; Space Rockets and Exploration and Liquid Nitrogen.
R&J and Hitler's Daughter at the Seymour Centre   View Summary
9 September 2010
R&J: A new take on an old classic67 students from Kogarah and Marrickville High Schools attended performances of R&J and almost 100 students from Kogarah High School and Bexley Public schools kickstarted Term 3 by attending performances of Hitler's Daughter at the Seymour Centre.
August 2010
Speech pathology professional development program   View Summary
26 August 2010
Four students undertaking their 4th year Advanced TopicThis semester has seen the launch of a speech pathology program for four of our primary schools; Athelstane PS, Wattawa Heights PS, Condell Park PS and Kogarah PS. This targeted program has four students doing their 4th year Advanced Topic, with the unit of study delivering competencies of consultation skills and teacher training.
Gareth Parry: Doing the dirty work of higher education    View Summary
26 August 2010
Professor Gareth Parry: Professor of Education, The University of SheffieldIn the age of near-universal access, what should be the division of labour between colleges and universities? Fifty years ago, the distinguished american scholar Burton Clark described colleges as doing much of the dirty work of higher education. as open-door institutions, they transferred some students to selective universities and persuaded the rest in strongly vocational directions. The talk explores the issues of access and equity posed by a larger role for universities in widening participation and by new remits for colleges and schools in higher education.
Extra, Extra - Read all about it...   View Summary
19 August 2010
An owel reading a bookDuring book week (August 21st - 27th) we're asking you to donate readers and chapter books appropriate for students in kindergarten through to year six. Book week is the longest running children's festival in Australia and it provides a great opportunity to spark and nurture a love of reading and books.
United Nations in session at Condell Park   View Summary
11 August 2010
Condell Park studentsA group of Year 10 Condell Park High School students successfully acted as Honourable Delegates from the United States of America, France, Denmark, India and even the Democratic Republic of Congo in the first of four in-school Model UN Program workshops last week.
July 2010
Scholarships for academic staff to attend conferences on social inclusion   View Summary
21 July 2010
Brochure coverThe Social Inclusion Unit and the Institute for Teaching and Learning are offering eight scholarships of $1000 to support academic staff in attending two conferences.
Sydney conversations: Every child deserves a childhood   View Summary
20 July 2010
StudentsThe theme of the next Sydney Conversations event, to be held 25 August, is 'Every child deserves a childhood'.
A dramatic journey through history    View Summary
14 July 2010
Students entering the MuseumMore than 90 students and teachers from Kogarah Intensive English School (Kogarah IEC) experienced a full day of history at the University of Sydney during the final week of Term 2.
Superconductors and the Meissner Effect   View Summary
13 July 2010
Physics'Superconductors and the Meissner Effect' is just one of the areas offered in a two hour intensive Physics workshop offered as part of the Faculty of Science's Science Alliance.
June 2010
Exploring the world of microscopy   View Summary
23 June 2010
School students40 year 11 and 12 students from Alexandria Park Community School and Holroyd High school will visit the University's Australian Centre for Microscopy & Microanalysis (ACMM) and explore the world of microscopy today.
The Three Ps - Powerful Parent Participation   View Summary
23 June 2010
BookWhilst in the literacy circle we talk about the three Ps being Pause, Prompt and Praise a suitable twist to the acronym would be Powerful Parent Participation.
Getting a grip on writing   View Summary
16 June 2010
OT and studentAn intensive in-school Occupational Therapy (OT) program is nearing the end of its first term at a number of Compass schools.
Indigenous students Experience day   View Summary
9 June 2010
High school studentOn Thursday 3 June, the University of Sydney, in partnership with The Smith Family and the Koori Centre, hosted an Experience day for Indigenous high school students from across the Sydney region, many of whom have never considered tertiary education as an option.
Students get a chance to 'break a leg'   View Summary
2 June 2010
Making a filmMarrickville Public School put the finishing touches on their film project when they welcomed back SCA tutor Jack McGrath.
May 2010
Study skills with chills    View Summary
31 May 2010
Year 10 student92 Year 10 students from Picnic Point, Marrickville and Kogarah high schools braved the rain on Friday 28 May to participate in the annual Compass Year 10 Experience Day.
A career in hip hop? Why not!   View Summary
26 May 2010
Football32 Year 8 students from Marrickville High School braved the cold earlier this month when they attended a sports day at the University of Sydney Camperdown campus.
Sydney Olympic Park turns science central    View Summary
26 May 2010
Science in the cityMore than 330 students from Compass partner schools converged on Sydney Olympic Park to participate in the fifth annual Science in the Suburbs.
Occupational Therapy intensive   View Summary
5 May 2010
OT toolsCompass is thrilled to be working in partnership with the Faculty of Health Sciences' Discipline of Occupational Therapy in offering intensive programs to primary schools.
Providing literacy outside the square    View Summary
4 May 2010
man filmingMarrickville and Panania public schools have begun a film production and editing program directed by Jack McGrath from the University of Sydney's College of the Arts (SCA).
Fox comes to life!   View Summary
3 May 2010
Fox promo imageAlmost 500 year 4 students were introduced to the word of Opera last month when they experienced the Monkey Baa Theatre Company's production of Fox.
Compass Volunteers helping with homework   View Summary
3 May 2010
HomeworkThree Compass volunteers will start their placements at Marrickville High School Homework Centre this week.
April 2010
Six hundred school children flock to University    View Summary
28 April 2010
Year 3 studentThe front lawns of the Quadrangle burst into life last week with 600 Year 3 primary school students and 30 marquees filled with activities devised by University of Sydney faculties to engage and interest eight-year-olds.
Organised chaos: 600 Year 3 students to get a taste of Uni   View Summary
21 April 2010
Boys in glassesDue to the success of a number of smaller-scale introduction or 'taster' events in 2009, the University of Sydney will play host to more than 600 year 3 students from all 12 primary schools involved in the Compass - find your way to higher education program on 22 April.
Helping students of promise   View Summary
13 April 2010
Signing paperThe University of Sydney and The Smith Family have renewed their joint commitment to supporting students of promise, with the University pledging more than a quarter of a million dollars to provide scholarships to disadvantaged students.
March 2010
A sustainable literacy intervention takes off in Condell Park    View Summary
31 March 2010
Condell Park studentThe Compass program was excited to have 26 Year 10 students from Condell Park High School attend a full day of MULTILIT training at the University of Sydney's Camperdown Campus.
Word Up Volunteers go back to school   View Summary
10 March 2010
WritingThe Compass Word Up volunteers program officially started this week with a Compass staff and University of Sydney student volunteer heading to Bexley public school to provide reading tutoring to students with reading difficulties.
MacquarieNet Training   View Summary
10 March 2010
News iconAll Compass schools have or will shortly receive access to MacquarieNet - Australia's leading online reference library.
Compass recruits new volunteers at O-Week   View Summary
3 March 2010
Compass logo detailCompass staff successfully ate several bags of redskins, minties and fantales, whilst manning our O-Week stall, all in the pursuit of attracting suitable and capable volunteers for our MULTILIT volunteer program.
February 2010
Lights Camera Action   View Summary
26 February 2010
Compass schools have been given a fantastic opportunity to take part in an intensive 5-6 week film production and editing program led by tutor Jack McGrath from Sydney College of the Arts (SCA).
Word Up Volunteer Program launched with MULTILIT PD    View Summary
25 February 2010
Word Up Volunteer ProgramCompass has launched the Word Up Volunteer Program with a very successful professional development session for teachers and volunteers this week. If you are interested in volunteering with us come and see us at our O Week stall in front of the Madison Building or send Caroline an email.
Word Up Volunteer Program launched with MULTILIT PD    View Summary
25 February 2010
Word Up Volunteer ProgramCompass has launched the Word Up Volunteer Program with a very successful professional development session for teachers and volunteers this week. If you are interested in volunteering with us come and see us at our O Week stall in front of the Madison Building or send Caroline an email.