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December 2009
New book examines model for teacher development   View Summary
1 December 2009
Professor Robyn Ewing and co-authors associate professors Peter Aubusson (left) and Garry HobanActing Dean Professor Robyn Ewing has launched the book about action learning in schools that she co-authored with colleagues from UTS and the University of Wollongong.
October 2009
Dean designate for 2010 visits faculty   View Summary
2 October 2009
Professor Robert TierneyIncoming dean of the Faculty of Education and Social Work Professor Robert Tierney has visited from Vancouver on a pre-appointment tour and told staff he is committed to transparency and inclusion when he takes up the post in March.
August 2009
Winners all round at prizes and scholarships evening   View Summary
11 August 2009
Fellowship recipient Kay Yasugi performingThe Faculty of Education and Social Work celebrated the achievements of its staff and students at its annual scholarships and prizes evening in MacLaurin Hall on 28 July 2009.
May 2009
Parents and teachers have more influence than peers   View Summary
20 May 2009
Teenage secretsParents and teachers of teenagers can take heart from a Faculty of Education and Social Work study that has shown academic outcomes among adolescents are far more influenced by relationships with parents and teachers than with peers.
February 2009
School stress strikes anxious middle class   View Summary
19 February 2009
Worried parentFaculty of Education and Social Work researchers have identified seven distinct groupings of middle-class parents, almost all of which are anxious about schooling and feel a need to protect their children from the 'wrong' school.
January 2009
Kindergarten of hard knocks could be harming kids   View Summary
28 January 2009
Preschool girls playingChildren's academic progress could be being hindered by the stark differences between the way child-care centres, preschools and schools manage behaviour, according to a new study from the Faculty of Education and Social Work at the University of Sydney.
State's top English teachers honoured   View Summary
14 January 2009
Brock Award winners 2008The winners of the inaugural Paul Brock Awards for Excellence in the Teaching of English were announced last October by the NSW Education Minister.