Personal mentoring from Writer-in-Residence Libby Gleeson

20 September 2011

Faculty alumna, renowned children's author Adjunct Honorary Professor Libby Gleeson AM, will be conducting a series of consultations with new writers in the faculty during Semester Two. The consultations will be one-off, one-to-ones with Libby and will be an opportunity to discuss a short piece of fiction, or a short section from a longer work. This is a rare opportunity to receive literary mentoring from an award-winning practitioner and competition will be fierce. This will be the fourth of six consultations; the remaining dates are October 4 and October 13. High demand is anticipated, so applicants should submit a piece of fiction work of not more than 2000 words to be considered for mentoring. Some of the finished work may be published on the faculty's website in a showcase of Libby's time as writer-in-residence. This is a one-off opportunity to develop fiction writing. Registrations of interest and submissions should be emailed to Helen Loughlin, including name, telephone number and relationship to the faculty.

Location: Education Building A35

Contact: Helen Loughlin

Phone: +61 2 9351 2791

Email: 1a3d1c4a0364292e374812205d0678351c0702510054332e2d4f4e1f