Seminar: Professor Peter Reimann on ICT support for classroom assessment

10 March 2010

Professor of Education, Peter Reimann will launch the CoCo Seminar Series for 2010 with a look at the use of technology for formative assessment in the classroom. The presentation will introduce the thinking behind, and the plans for, a large project funded by the European Commission (called NEXT-TELL) that will address the challenges of using ICT for supporting teachers to construct valid classroom-based formative assessment.

The NEXT-TELL set of integrated methods and tools will be developed in an incremental, participatory manner in a large-scale pilot studies program involving 60-80 classrooms across Europe. Both researcher-led and teacher-led design-based research will be employed to allow for intensive, yet scalable classroom research.

NEXT-TELL will provide computational and methodological support to teachers and students so that they have available nuanced information about learning when it is needed and in a format that is supportive of pedagogical decision making, thus optimizing the level of stimulation, challenge, and feedback density.

Methods and software will be developed that cover the modelling of all stages of ICT-embedded classroom assessment design, thus empowering teachers to contribute to the development of formative e-assessment for 21st Century learning skills. NEXT-TELL will provide methods to capture process and product aspects of students' learning as it takes place in the classroom and at home and will make this information available in various formats for reflection, appraisal, and negotiation, based on methods for data-mining, process visualisation, e-portfolio appraisal, and (open) student modelling.

In order to foster participation, in particular of parents, a managed communication and negotiation framework will be implemented that connects all stakeholders. Further, NEXT-TELL will support teachers' research into student learning with a team-oriented inquiry methodology and with access to computational data analysis services.

To connect this form of knowledge creation and professional development to school leadership and strategic planning, a strategic planning method and corresponding software support will be provided for principals.

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Time: 11am-12pm

Location: rm 230, Education Bldg, University of Sydney

Cost: Free

Phone: +61 2 9351 4038

Email: 0524393c6b313233060858223e3b1c42040a07012404