Seminar - Emotion and learning technologies

19 May 2010

What if your computer could tell when you were angry, frustrated, excited, engaged or bored? What would this mean for online learning? Emotion and cognition are inextricably linked but currently our learning environments cater only to the latter. Join Dr. Rafael Calvo of the Learning and Affect Technologies Engineering group (LATTE) as he gives us a glimpse into the emerging world of emotion-aware computing and what this could mean for education.

New approaches to Affective Computing: The field of Affective Computing (AC) aspires to narrow the communicative bandwidth between the highly emotional human and the emotionally challenged computer by developing computational systems that recognize and respond to the affective states (i.e. moods, emotions) of the user. Affect-sensitive user interfaces are being developed in a number of domains including gaming, mental health, and learning technologies. Inspired by the inextricable links among emotions, cognition, and motivation, these systems aspire to tailor their interaction strategies to be responsive to users' affective states.In this presentation I will introduce this new field and describe our current research in the area.

Dr. Rafael A. Calvo, is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Sydney - School of Electrical and Information Engineering and Director of the Learning and Affect Technologies Engineering (LATTE) research group. He has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence applied to automatic document classification and has also worked at Carnegie Mellon University, The University of Cambridge, Universidad Nacional de Rosario, and as a consultant for projects worldwide. Rafael is author of numerous publications in the areas of affective computing, learning systems and web engineering, recipient of three teaching awards, and a Senior Member of IEEE - Computer and Education Societies. Rafael is Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing.

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Time: 11am-12:30pm

Location: Rm 230, Education Bldg, University of Sydney

Email: 1517021a232f3652040a491f44370c423d091d17253e