Guest seminar: Rethinking the Digital Natives

10 November 2010

Digital natives, or digital elite? Associate Professor Laura Czerniewicz, Director of the Centre for Educational Technology (CET) at the University of Cape Town, will take a critical look at our assumptions about the new generation and their relationships to technology.

Rethinking digital natives - This presentation will contribute to the critique of the discourse of the "digital native" which has come under increased scrutiny internationally in recent times. It will draw on research in South Africa which argues that there is evidence of a small "digital elite" and a significant group of "digital strangers". Drawing on Bourdieu's theories and the ubiquity of the cell phone across all sectors of society, the argument will be made for a revised view of the digital citizen, with its concomitant implications for higher education today.

Associate Professor Laura Czerniewicz, Director, Centre for Educational Technology (CET), the University of Cape Town, has been leading the good people of CET since it was formed in 2005. As director, Laura describes herself as a "deep generalist" overseeing all of CET's work and operating at multiple interfaces. She says her greatest talent is identifying exceptional people to work at CET. Otherwise she works on various local, continental and international collaborative projects. Presently, she is the research leader on an intriguing project on students' technological habitus use in Higher Education Institutions within South Africa. She is also interested in the emergent knowledge domain of the field, mobile learning, the digital divide and ICTs and scholarly communication. A UCT native whose original degree is in psychology, Laura knows all the words to "American Pie" and is a talented lady in the skating rink. She can waltz on ice.

Time: 11am to 12.30pm (please join us at 10:40 for a cup of tea or coffee before the seminar)

Location: 230, Education Bldg A35, The University of Sydney

Cost: Free

Email: 0f3e0c2934022b295d371e165428211f303d