Digital knowledge and digital research

14 March 2011

Join resident eResearch expert, Lina Markauskaite for an off-campus serminar entitled, "Digital knowledge and digital research: What could eResearch offer for education?"

Dr. Markauskaite has been invited to speak at the Centre for Research in Learning and Change located at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Abstract - This presentation will discuss conceptual and practical links and tensions between research for education and technology-enhanced research, called 'eResearch'. It will argue that significant progress in educational and social research more broadly could be made by harnessing the increasing volume, density and complexity of educational data and exploiting opportunities for research collaboration. It will initially introduce key notions of digital knowledge and digital research and provide a brief exploration of three intellectual spaces in which eResearch methods have been created and advanced: eSciences; eSocial Sciences and eHumanities. It will argue that eResearch is not a single method, but rather a broad family of research techniques and approaches. While some of these techniques are digital enhancements of traditional research practices, most promising eResearch applications bring to fore new epistemology and shape research culture. The presentation will illustrate eResearch these arguments by exploring a set of examples of data mining, learning analytics, collaborative video analysis and research dissemination. At the end, it will discuss three broad challenges for eResearch uptake in educational research: technological-organisational, social-cultural and epistemological. It will propose that as a first step, social research should move away from solely hypothesis-driven research towards data-driven exploration, and from traditional scientific publishing towards new research dissemination models focussed on knowledge co-construction.

About Lina Markauskaite - Dr Lina Markauskaite a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Education and Social Work at the University of Sydney. She teaches research frontiers and other research method courses for graduate and undergraduate students. One of her major expertises is in the design of educational qualitative and quantitative research studies and advanced (computer-supported) data analysis techniques. She led large-scale national studies on ICT in education in Lithuanian schools and was the national coordinator in the well-known IEA (International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement) research studies SITES-1 and SITES-2. Some of her published methodological contributions focus on the application of digital technologies for educational research. Lina's current research also includes two ARC projects. The first investigates epistemic aspects of professional knowledge work, the second uses eResearch techniques for exploring student model based learning of complex scientific knowledge. Her latest co-edited book Methodological choice and design: Scholarship, policy and practice in social and educational research (with Peter Freebody and Jude Irwin, 2011, Springer)

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Time: 5-6:30pm

Location: 235 Jones street, Building 10, level 14 in the board room (201)

Cost: Free

Contact: Emma Davidson

Email: 0758210a580b12145d3629391e284c3a077852001669092f

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