Digital experiences leadership forum

24 March 2011

Faculty Chair of Education, Professor Michael Jacobson, will be among those leaders invited to speak at the Adobe Leadership Forum 2011. The event theme is "Transforming teaching and learning through digital experiences" and it will take place in Hong Kong on the 23rd and 24th of March. Michael's talk "Advanced Learning Technologies and Advancing Learning in Higher Education" contributes insights on using innovative technology for learning and teaching in a blended environment.

Abstract: A critical tension exists in higher education between the generation of new fundamental disciplinary knowledge in research and the broader evolution of education for professional fields. In this talk, I discuss an ongoing project in which an advanced technology system--an agent augmented virtual world for learning conceptual properties of complex systems--is being used for research exploring fundamental cognitive learning issues related to deep conceptual understanding and problem solving. This research then serves an an illustrative anchor for how the University of Sydney graduate program in the learning sciences and technology uses the collaborative, multimedia, and scaffolding affordances of Adobe Connect to support a blended masters program for professional and research higher degree students co-located in Sydney and around Australia. A central theme in these graduate courses is learning about advanced learning technologies by using them. Opportunities and challenges are discussed.

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