Motivation - A sociocultural approach

17 August 2011

A sociocultural approach to motivation: A long time coming but here at last presented by Associate Professor Richard Walker.

Traditionally theories of motivation emphasise individual processes and contextual factors in explaining motivation. In recent years there has been some theoretical writing about the social nature of motivation but there have been few attempts to develop an approach in which motivation is seen as fundamentally social in nature. In this talk Richard presents a Vygotskian sociocultural approach to motivation which he has developed with current and former research students. This approach draws on standard Vygotskian notions as well as ideas from neo-Vygotskian theorists (Juan Valsiner, Barbara Rogoff, Mary McCaslin). Meta-theoretical, theoretical and methodological aspects and implications of the approach will be considered.

Richard teaches educational psychology at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and has been awarded several Excellence in Teaching Awards for his teaching in this field.

Richard Walker is an Associate Professor of Educational Psychology. His research interests have centred on ways of enhancing the learning, motivation and academic achievement of students at all levels of education. An interest in sociocultural theory has led Richard to investigate student learning in electronic learning environments designed to support collaborative and cooperative interactions amongst students; the use of textbooks and other learning resources; after-school homework support; and identity formation. His most recent research has focused on the development of a sociocultural approach to the understanding of motivation, identity formation, and learning through homework activities.

This seminar is one of a series on the sciences and technologies of learning, brought to you by the Centre for Research on Computer Supported Learning and Cognition (CoCo).

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Time: 11am - join us for coffee and nibbles from 10.45

Location: Rm 230, Education Bldg. (A35)

Cost: Free

Email: 081e4c5e13312b252d5518783d3c5e420c47