A social-realist approach to eLearning design

21 September 2011
<div class="captionCaption">Basil Bernstein</div>
Basil Bernstein

This seminar will present research drawing on concepts from sociology of knowledge, specifically the code theory introduced by Basil Bernstein and developed by Karl Maton. The social-realist approach was applied in two complementary stages to create an eLearning environment: an analytical stage examined the bases for legitimate knowledge within a particular field; and a generative stage created the visual, content and interaction design. In the analytical stage, social-realist concepts were applied to explore what are considered legitimate practices within the field of instruction. In the generative stage, the research used social realism to elaborate how these can be brought into a learning experience. This seminar will focus on the generative stage of the research, using the development of Design Studio to illustrate how theoretical concepts and empirical data were embedded in the framework of an eLearning environment. Design Studio is an environment created to support museum visitors in a learning experience in design, taking visitors through the enquiry processes of designing an object within a museum context. Design Studio aims at offering guidance and support in ways visitors may utilise the museum surroundings (and other resources) as the basis for a learning experience in design and as means to validate their emergent design ideas.

Dr Lucila Carvalho has joined CoCo Research Centre as a postdoctoral research associate in Professor Peter Goodyear's Laureate Fellowship program – Learning, technology and design: architectures for productive networked learning. Her research interests include sociology of education, computer-supported learning and design. She completed her doctoral studies at the Faculty of Architecture, Design & Planning (University of Sydney) in 2010.

Time: 11am - join us from 10.45am for coffee and nibbles

Location: Room 230, Education Building

Cost: Free

Email: 132b4c2a11101827010430460f003c49141c