Creating and implementing design for pedagogy patterns

19 October 2011
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Fiona Chatteur

This talk discusses the theory, creation and implementation of design for pedagogy patterns. In this research a theory and method for the creation of design patterns that embed the principles of pedagogy into the user interface, information architecture and content design of eLearning courseware was developed. Design for pedagogy patterns use a variation of the Alexandrian pattern structure to embed pedagogy at the core of the design of eLearning. This method was tested with a group of eight pattern writers to create design for pedagogy patterns dealing with the organisation of an online discussion group based on the principles of constructivism and experiential learning. These patterns were produced to illustrate the application of the theory and to test the method. The eight patterns were evaluated by two pattern experts, and the highest ranked pattern was compared to a standard design pattern to determine the differences between them. These two patterns were then used with a set of nine designers, representing three different user groups. The design exercise was videotaped, transcribed and content analysis was used to determine that a statistically significant increase in pedagogically based phrases were used during the design process. Three examples (one from each user group) were then further examined to determine the differences in design thinking, to better demonstrate the facility of design for pedagogy patterns. Methods of data visualisation will be used to better illustrate the findings.

Fiona Chatteur (nee Kerr) has been researching in education design for the past five years. She has worked for BBC (Open University) and BBC Worldwide Interactive Learning and created bespoke eLearning applications throughout Europe. Upon returning to Australia, she undertook a PhD at The University of Sydney to investigate improved methodologies for the design of eLearning applications. In addition to her PhD, Fiona has a Bachelor of Arts (Professional Writing) and a Master of Design Science (Computing). She currently lectures in digital media for adult education.

Time: 11am - join us from 10.45am for coffee and nibbles

Location: Room 230, Education Building

Cost: Free

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