Sessions with Carlos Alario and Karen Scott

16 November 2011

Carlos Alario will present "GLUE!: an architecture for the integration of external tools in virtual learning environments". Carlos is a PhD student and teaching assistant at the University of Valladolid, Spain. He is a visiting academic at Macquarie University's eLearning Centre of Excellence (known as MELCOE). The presentation of this seminar introduces Group Learning Uniform Environment (GLUE!), a novel integration architecture that overcomes the limitations of current integration proposals and that has already proven successful in real collaborative learning situations.

Karen Scott will talk about her PhD, "Change in belief and practice: a longitudinal study of university teachers using eLearning in health and related disciplines", which is nearing completion. Her research has followed six university teachers as they developed and implemented an eLearning resource and modified it over a two-year period. Karen will talk about the ways in which the teachers tried to understand and meet their students' learning needs and modified their beliefs and practice in eLearning. Of particular interest was the experimentation the teachers engaged in as they sought to adapt to the context of eLearning and meet multiple learning outcomes.

Time: 11am - join us from 10.45am for coffee and nibbles

Location: Room 230, A35 Education Building

Cost: Free

Email: 57565300314b12061c3c201d35224148063e