Learning, teaching and epistemic fluency

14 March 2012
Lina Markauskaite
Lina Markauskaite

Learning, teaching and epistemic fluency: Frames, conceptual blending and experiential resources in teacher pedagogical choices

Lina Markauskaite, The University of Sydney

This presentation aims to share some ideas about the nature of teacher knowledge and thinking. Building on the notions of "epistemic fluency" and "conceptual blending" it will illustrate how teachers work simultaneously, switch between, and integrate different kinds of knowledge and different ways of knowing. It will show that teacher decisions about task designs inextricably link different epistemological, social and material frames and structures - to include among other structures, the structure of subject matter, pedagogy, material and digital. Teachers' resourcefulness for blending different frames and forms of knowledge is grounded in diverse range of mental resources; some of these resources are inherently experiential. This presentation will illustrate some emerging ideas using results from studies with university teachers in which we studied ICT integration and assessment task designs in higher education.

Lina Markauskaite is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Education and Social Work and a member of the Research Centre for Computer Supported Learning and Cognition at the University of Sydney, Australia. Lina's research has been investigating pre-service teachers' ICT literacy and personal epistemology, epistemic fluency, and ICT-enhanced research methods for education and social sciences. Lina is a Chief Investigator on two Australian Research Council's projects: "Professional learning for knowledgeable action and innovation: The development of epistemic fluency in higher education" (with Peter Goodyear) and "Learning the Complexity of Scientific Knowledge about Climate Change with Computer Modelling and Visualization Technologies" (with Michael Jacobson and Chun Hu). Currently she holds The University's of Sydney Thompson Fellowship.

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