USyd Students Participate in Formula SAE-A Competition

1 January 2008

The University of Sydney Formula SAE-A team competed against over 20 Universities, from the 14th - 16th of December in Werribee, Victoria, in the 2007 FSAE-A Competition.

Universities from around Australia and overseas took part in the competition, with the University of Sydney finishing 9th overall. The big-budget car from University of Western Australia finished first, followed by RMIT and Monash University. Some Australian cars have done very well in overseas FSAE competitions.

The 2007 USyd Competition Car, designed and built by a group of fourth year students in the School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering, met the strict technical specifications set down by the Society of Automotive Engineers. The rules of the SAE competition state that students should make all decisions, and carry out all work on the design and manufacture of the car.

Andrei Lozzi, Academic Adviser to the USyd team, said, "Our car was well made and beautifully finished. We also had an experienced team." The students involved, and their contribution to the design and manufacture of the 2007 car are as follows:

Will Davidson - Team Leader, Frame and Suspension
Karl Crittenden - Front Wheels and Centres
Kester Yau - Aerodynamics and Body Work
Karl Dittko - Engine
Sarah Loder - Management & Budget
Matt Lowry - Rear Wheels and Differential
Stuart Mak - Electro-pneumatic Gear Changer
Douglas McKenzie - Launch Control
Simon Spratt - Drive Train and CV Joints
Peter Tawadros - Drive Shafts, brakes

In addition, approximately 25 2nd and 3rd Yr students in the School assisted with the design, manufacture and part development for the car.

SAE Australasia has held the Formula SAE-A competitions annually, since 2000.
The competition is based on three main areas:

  • Engineering design, cost and static inspection
  • Solo performance trials
  • Endurance and fuel economy trials


Andrei Lozzi explains that as the competition goes on, the gap between the top and bottom teams is widening, "The best teams have got a lot better but the lower teams are getting worse."

A major factor in the success of the University teams is the level of sponsorship received. "We raise about $35,000 from this uni and other sources. We need more sponsors."

Current sponsors of the University of Sydney team, include the White Rabbit Art Gallery, Fibreglass International, and Adaptronic. Andrei Lozzi said, "In all we have about 30 sponsors, some provide us with cash but most with parts and technical assistance at reduced costs."

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