Introducing TECHLAND

26 August 2008

Professor Vassilios G. Agelidis, EnergyAustralia Chair of Power Engineering has received significant financial support exceeding $3M from private donors, industry and the University of Sydney towards realising TECHLAND™; a unique combination of a professional engineering environment and curriculum integrating advanced methods of teaching and learning activities that resemble professional industrial practices. One of the fundamental aspects of TECHLAND™ is that it requires considerable input from industry at every step. We are very fortunate at the University of Sydney to have many industrial partners supporting such vision. Its physical infrastructure will be unique to Australia and will become available in January 2009. For further information, please email Professor Agelidis,

TECHLAND™ = Teaching Engineering with Cooperative Holistic Learning and Advanced Noetic Development.

Contact: Professor Vassilios G Agelidis

Email: 4e591132091a035d2b4725241c5623110a0b7e0b574619542f