High Success Rate of ENGG&IT for new ARC Grants commencing 2009

21 October 2008

Our Faculty has done superlatively this year in this ARC National Competitive Grants Program winning a large number of the new grants commencing 2009.

Summary of Discovery Projects Proposals for Funding to Commence in 2009.

  • Prof SW Armfield; Dr MP Kirkpatrick; Dr W Lin
    Investigation and optimisation of displacement ventilation and cooling systems
  • Prof GW Barton; Dr X Fan
    Numerically Robust Extruder Die Design for Fabricating High‑Quality Preforms for Microstructured Polymer Optical Fibres
  • A/Prof F Dehghani; Prof S Kazarian; Asst Prof A Khademhosseini
    Benign fabrication of microfluidic hydrogel for improved artificial vasculature in bone implants
  • Prof PD Eades; Dr S Hong
    Scalable Visual Analytics for Uncertain Dynamic Networks
  • A/Prof I Einav; A/Prof A Tordesillas
    Confined comminution and particle flow: a general model for large‑scale canonicalsolutions
  • Dr AD Fekete; Dr U Roehm
    Escaping the concurrency trade‑off: a new approach to enterprise software
  • Prof BS Haynes
    Scaleable Microstructured Chemical Process Systems
  • Ms TJ Hamilton
    A neuromorphic binaural hearing sensor
  • Dr BG Landfeldt; Dr L Libman
    Coping with Chaos: Towards Efficient and Robust Wireless Networks through Opportunistic Cooperation
  • A/Prof TA Langrish
    Improving Powder Properties by Using Spray Dryers to Process Amorphous Components
  • Dr Y Li
    Efficient Distributed Coding In Wireless Networks
  • Dr X Liao; Mr Y Wang; Dr C Lu; A/Prof Y Shen
    Atomistic mechanisms of the mechanical behaviour of nanostructured silicon carbide
  • Dr D Lu; Prof VG Agelidis
    Hot‑swappable and High‑efficient Grid‑connected Power Electronics System For Photovoltaic Modules with Direct Power Transfer Technique
  • Dr Y Lu
    Fundamentals of Damage Identification in Tubular Structures Using Guided Waves
  • Prof RA Minasian
    New paradigms for high‑resolution microwave photonic signal processing.
  • Prof KJ Rasmussen; Prof GJ Hancock
    Advanced analysis methods for locally unstable steel structures
  • Prof P Reimann; Dr RA Calvo; Dr K Yacef
    Comprehensive support for collaborative writing: Visualising argument, text and process
  • A/Prof HT See; Dr A Jabbarzadeh
    Multiscale modeling of flexible fibrous suspensions under flow
  • Prof SJ Simpson; Dr GA Sword; Dr M Charleston; Dr ID Couzin; A/Prof D Raubenheimer
    Heterarchical modelling of nutritional ecology: from individuals to communities
  • Dr M Velonaki
    Physicality, tactility, intimacy: interaction between humans and robots
  • Dr X Yi
    Novel coherence‑free microwave photonic signal processors.
  • Dr BB Zhou; Prof RP Brent
    An Integrative and Interactive Approach for Co‑estimation of Multiple Sequence Alignment and Phylogeny Reconstruction.

Thefull set of Discovery Outcomes for the University of Sydney can be viewed on ARC website.

Summary of Linkage Projects Proposals for Funding to Commence in 2009.

  • Prof D Feng; Dr J Kim; Prof MJ Fulham; A/Prof S Eberl
    A new generation of multi‑modality biomedical image visualisations
  • A/Prof TA Langrish; Dr C Loo; A/Prof HT See
    Improving iron ore agglomeration by studying underlying mechanisms using experimental studies and dimensional analysis
  • Dr Q Li; Prof MV Swain; Mr R Pieper
    Design Optimisation for Fabrication of Ceramic Prosthetic Devices
  • Dr SB Williams; Dr O Pizarro; Dr D Fox
    Autonomous repeatable surveys for long term monitoring of marine habitats
  • Dr GA Sword; Dr S Sukkarieh; Prof SJ Simpson; Dr GM Brooker; Mr PA Spurgin
    Autonomous tracking and predictive modelling of Australian plague locust migratory

Thefull set of Linkage Outcomes for the University of Sydneycan be viewed on ARC website.

Many congratulations to all ARC awardees.