International Competition: Goldman Sachs Global Leaders Program

18 February 2009

Goldman Sachs Global Leaders Program

What is the Goldman Sachs Global Leaders Program?

The Goldman Sachs Global Leaders Program (GSGLP) was established by the Goldman Sachs Foundation in 2001. The program, which is administered by the Institute of International Education (IIE) in partnership with educational organizations in selected countries, conducts an annual international competition at over 90 top-ranked universities in 19 countries. The competition identifies and rewards the academic excellence and leadership potential of 150 of the most accomplished second-year students from all disciplines for the Goldman Sachs Global Leaders Program.

What do winners of the competition receive?

The program recognizes the 150 Global Leaders' outstanding achievements and abilities by awarding each U.S. $3,000. Based upon interviews, 75 of these student leaders are selected to represent the whole group at the annual Goldman Sachs Global Leadership Institute in New York City in July. At the Institute, students participate in leadership training and seminars on timely international issues. They consult with renowned leaders in the public, civic and private sectors and build ties among themselves based on shared experiences and common goals. Global Leaders attending the Leadership Institute will be responsible for communicating the essence of the experience to the ones from their countries who did not attend.

Closing date is Monday 9th March 4.30pm 2009

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