New Appointment for Ron Johnston

8 November 2010

Professor Ron Johnston FTSE, Executive Director of the Australian Centre for Innovation in the Faculty of Engineering and IT at the University of Sydney has been appointed Chair of the National Enabling Technologies Strategy Expert Forum.

The forum was established by Senator Kim Carr, Minister for Industry, Innovation, Science and Research, to guide and advise on the implementation of the $38.2 million National Enabling Technologies Strategy.

"I believe we have been given a great opportunity to contribute to shaping the Australian Government's agenda with regard to the effective promotion and diffusion of key new technologies. More broadly, I believe we have a role to play in encouraging a more explicit engagement with major future issues on the part of many sections of the Australian economy and society," says Professor Johnston.

A major objective of this strategy is to increase government, industry and the community's understanding of the ways in which applications of enabling technologies may help to address major global and national challenges and to encourage the responsible development and uptake of these technologies.

Activities under the NETS include the identification of challenges which the enabling technologies may address, facilitation of projects that demonstrate applications of enabling technologies, and identification of future skill, capability and infrastructure needs.

Membership of the Expert Forum is available at:
Details of the National Enabling Technologies Strategy is available at: