Campus Assist says 'Ask me'

5 February 2013

 CIS Campus Assist team members
CIS Campus Assist team members

The Campus Assist team is often referred to as the customer service 'frontline' of the many services within Campus Infrastructure and Services (CIS).

This month they will take that service a step further when they get behind the University's 'Ask Me' campaign, as part of this year's Orientation.

The Campus Assist team will be proudly sporting 'Ask me' badges during O week, which runs from 27 February to 1 March.

Alf Del Pizzo, CIS Campus Assist Manager, explains: "Our team of CIS Campus Assist officers are here to support the University community as the face of CIS, which is why we are leading the way and supporting the 'Ask Me' campaign.

"But we're not just here for Orientation. You can ask members of our team for assistance any time - whether you're looking for a lecture theatre, somewhere to park your bike, or even where to grab a coffee - and if our Campus Assist officers don't know the answer, they have the resources to find out."

But you don't have to be an expert on the University's infrastructure to wear an 'Ask me' badge - student services is calling upon all staff and students to wear a badge during Orientation and help welcome those new to the University community.

Find out more about CIS Campus Assist

Find out more about the 'Ask me' campaign and register for a badge.

Contact: Alf Del Pizzo

Phone: 1300 CAMPUS (1300 226 787)

Email: 11520c0233184c2c252a2a1a22291a0c513a341a5a020b04492241