Following the recycled paper trail

6 July 2010

The University currently uses over 88 million sheets of paper every year - that's 2.8 pages a second. Most of this is paper is produced from virgin pulp, which means it is being sourced from native forests or timber plantations. In order to minimise the effect that the University's consumption of paper has on the environment, we encourage all Faculties and Service Units to consider using paper made from 100% post-consumer recycled content. Recycled paper significantly reduces the amount of water, chemical, and carbon emissions from the paper making process and alleviates the stress on forest ecosystems.

The push for recycled paper has come from members of the Sustainable Workplace Team who currently drive a number of sustainable initiatives in workplaces across the University. So far the following workplaces have made the switch to recycled paper; Faculty of Arts (the University's largest faculty), ICT, Access labs, Syndovate, Office of General Counsel, Strategic Planning Office, Physics Faculty, Faculty of Architecture, Law Faculty Administration, Infectious Diseases and Immunology, and numerous other University offices.

Purchasing recycled paper does mean a small increase in price compared to some virgin papers currently used but we encourage staff to offset this cost by various techniques to reduce paper consumption. To assist in your Unit's decision making process, we have produced a fact sheet onthe environmental and cost issues, the details of the papers to purchase from the University's preferred suppliers, and easy steps to move over to those papers. We have also developed an information poster to be placed next to all shared printers to advise staff on how to significantly reduce paper use, which we have printed on 100% recycled A3 poster paper and can deliver to your area. If you would like a copy of the fact sheet or poster, pleasecontact Joel Turner, Sustainable Campus

Contact: Joel Turner

Phone: 02 91140946

Email: 322114266a040f343f1f3103362c2f59112c170e5621412b1e