The Envirobank Business Plan Competition

7 June 2011

Prize: $500 plus a part time paid internship to roll out your business plan

Company Overview

Envirobank is small business with a big mission "to change the face of public place recycling through incentives and rewards". Public place recycling bins are frequently contaminated by consumers throwing in food and other non recyclable materials resulting in all the contents from the bin going to landfill. If we can fix this problem we can increase national recycling statistics dramatically and really make a difference.

Envirobank was created to solve this problem, Envirobank is a network of Reverse Vending Recycling Machines that reward the consumer when they recycle either through a chance to win a mystery prize or a discount from a store. The machines eliminate contamination plus save labour costs as they hold 3000 containers compared to 200 in a normal bin.

The Challenge

There are 4 Envirobank machines on Sydney University Campus. Your task is to design a business plan that will ultimately increase the usage of the machines and eliminate recyclables ending up in landfill through the campus general bins. Your business plan needs to address the following;

  1. How to Increase the number of users (this includes Loyalty card members and visitors to the Uni). What would make a student walk 100 metres to use an Envirobank, when there is a bin only 5 metres away? What incentive would get people motivated?
  2. A plan to build a web presence that includes social media. The aim is to engage with existing and new students, inform of new rewards, competitions and news. The objective is to keep the student enthusiastic about Envirobank, our mission, spread the word and keep them using the machine.
  3. How to increase awareness on campus. What activities would you do to engage the students? Would this include events during O week, Clean Up Australia Day, signage, teacher involvement?
  4. Whilst not essential, the ability to easily replicate the program (or elements of it) at other universities is a major advantage.

The winner will be announced on the 17th July and receive the $500 prize. The winner will then receive a paid, part-time internship (to start at the earliest date to suit both parties).


  • Entry is open to all students.
  • The business plan must include a rollout plan with timelines and costing (4 pages max).
  • The budget per university rollout is $2000
  • Each entry must include a cover sheet with the entrant's full name and contact details.
  • Entries can be submitted by email to Janine Lay-Flurrie at
  • Deadline for entries is July 1st

Further Research

For more details about our machines and company vision, watch the videos and read the waste management section of our website -

Full terms and details are available by contacting;

Janine Lay-Flurrie

Contact: Janine Lay-Flurrie

Email: 212006213c2a321c5d1c060552001d071c35512756186a50390b773612