Native flora and fauna flourish on campus

10 February 2012

Over the last three years, as a part of the university's commitment to increasing native gardens, we have planted bird-attracting specimens across the Darlington and Camperdown campuses.

Gardens that have benefited from native planting include:

  • Camperdown public domain on Eastern Avenue
  • Edward Ford building on Physics Road
  • Bosch Glasshouses
  • Darlington public domain at Cadigal Green
  • Electrical Engineering building (east)
  • Physics building (south)
  • Vet Science building, behind the Parramatta Road hedge.

It is with great pleasure that we can report an increase of local birds such as the low dwelling Superb Fairy-wrens flourishing in areas around the university. Superb Fairy-wrens live in small social groups and require low, dense shrubs to nest which we have actively planted to encourage their habitation.

We have also supervised the planting of over 3000 native trees and shrubs on the Camden campus to help boost the local ecosystem.

Replanting natives contributes significantly to the biodiversity of our local environment and helps maintains landscape heritage. Native trees and shrubs also encourage wildlife to flourish as evident by the increase in birdlife on campus.

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