Small grants program- kicks off!!!

1 December 2009

The first round of sustainable workplace small grants now been announced! Six applications were successful totaling over $1600 in initiatives. The small grants scheme has been developed to assist members of the sustainable workplace team to develop initiatives which may require a small upfront cost.

The variety of applications received reflects the broad interests of the Sustainable Workplace team which has now expanded to 60 members, including staff from Cumberland, Lismore and The conservatorium of music campuses.

Successful applicants included:

  1. Gwenda Lawther who received a grant to implement water saving systems which will save the university around 204750L of water every year.
  2. Craig Jin who is looking at developing an energy meter which will be able to able to measure the usage of electricity in the University at an office or floor level.
  3. Gordon Hodges who will be trialing waste reduction techniques, using worm farms in the New Law building.
  4. Rafael Clavo who has implemented various initiatives around safe battery disposal, double-sided printing and sustainable transport.
  5. April Morley who is trialing different types of reusable coffee mugs to see which have the potential to reduce the most amount of waste
  6. George Kazan who has developed an education campaign around air quality and the use of indoor plants.

Contact: Joel Turner

Phone: 02 93540946

Email: 29542d3d18411f1803302b1a5d652f544647162d