Christmas Shutdown

2 December 2009

Save ENERGY and help to reduce the University's carbon emissions over the Christmas break by shutting down your office.

1. Turn off your computer and screenand if possible turn it off at the wall.

By shutting your computer down over the Christmas break you can save over 75kg.CO2-e or 1500 'black balloons' (for more infor visit 50 staff that turn off thier computer over the Christmas break is equivalent to 1 car being taken off the road for a year.

2. Turn off your printers and large copier devices.

Office printers and large multifunction devices (MFD) can consume upwards of 5 times the amount of energy as one computer. For every five MFDs that are turned off over the Christmas break we are saving 1kg of coal from being burnt in the Hunter Valley.

3.Turn off your lights.

Everyone knows that turning off the lights is a no brainer. If your lights are not on a timer, leaving them on over the Christmas break could mean you are wasting serious amount s of energy. For each twin fluorescent lamp (2*32Watt) left on over the Christmas break the university is producing 586 black balloons of GHG which could otherwise be saved.


  1. A desktop computers runs at an average output of 160watts and flat screen runs at 32 watts (Rappaport, A., Creighton, S.H. (2007), Degrees That Matter: Climate Change and the University, MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, (pg. 252))
  2. 1kwh of electricity generated in NSW produces 1.06 kg of CO2-e emissions (DEHWA National greenhouse accounts)
  3. A 'Black Balloon' holds 50 grams of greenhouse gas (NSW Government: save power website)
  4. The average Australian car produces 4.3 Tonnes of CO2-e (Australian Greenhouse Office and Victorian Government)

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Phone: 02 93540946

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