A better alternative to disposable coffee cups

8 September 2010

The reusable, barista-standard coffee cup is yours to keep, ensuring you can enjoy a great coffee from USU outlets over and over, reducing the waste caused by disposable, unrecyclable cups and lids. Simply wash your KeepCup after each use and hand it to the barista when you purchase your next coffee. Refills are even cheaper than buying a new coffee!

Worldwide disposable paper cups alone annually account for an estimated:

  • 4.5 million tonnes of landfill;
  • 54 million felled trees;
  • 340 million gjoules of energy (enough to power 5 million homes for a year).

KeepCups are manufactured in Australia from tough and long-lasting polypropylene #5- the safest food grade plastic.They are lightweight, stackable, dishwasher and microwave safe.They also keep your coffee hot for longer(30-40 minutes longer than disposable cups).

Large $12.00 / Access $10.20
Regular $9.95 / Access $8.45

Large $3.70 / Access $2.95
Regular $2.75 / Access $2.20

The KeepCup is available from all USU outlets.

Contact: Lucy Robson

Phone: 02 9563 6166

Email: 08651726303a272c0f04033e6947033720635c371459383a