Hundreds take the pledge to REFILL

28 February 2011

As the University Semester begins this week, there will be hundreds of students on campus hanging out with a new best friend. This particular friend will not be ones they have met in a 1st year maths lecture or a new mate they bumped into on the bus, but rather a refillable drink bottle that they have pledged to keep by their side for the whole year.

In an effort to reduce waste and the environmental impact of the University, the Sustainable campus team spent o-week distributing free refillable water bottles to new students who in turn agreed to sign the Refill not Landfill pledge. This pledge (signed by over 400 students) was a commitment by students not to buy bottled water for the year and instead use their refillable drink bottle.

Bottled water is a significant contributor to the Universities waste stream, with over 140,000 plastic water bottles thrown out by students and staff each year. The problem with disposable plastic bottles is not only their contribution to landfill, but also their continuous production generates significant GHG emission and consume of resources. The production of bottled water in Australia produces more than 60,000tonnes of GHG emissions, the equivalent of 13,000 cars on the road each year (source: bottled water alliance).

Would you like to help the environment and join those students who have already taken the pledge?


Contact: Joel Turner

Phone: 02 91140946

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