Slow down on campus

19 April 2012

Did you know that University campuses are governed by NSW road rules?

Our campuses are buzzing this semester with staff, new starters and continuing students all making the most of University facilities.

When driving through campus please:

  • observe the 25 km/h speed limit
  • keep an eye out for stop signs
  • give way to pedestrians
  • slow down at speed bumps

We have a series of pedestrian crossings to help people move across our campuses safely, as with any pedestrian crossing you must stop when you see people waiting to cross.

These rules are there to protect drivers as well as pedestrians. If you stick to the speed limit, stop when needed and watch for pedestrians it reduces your chances of an accident.

It is important to remember that you can be fined for traffic and parking offenses on campus - so keep this in mind when driving your car.

Download the NSW Road Users Handbook(external link)

Pedestrian safety

While walking through campus all pedestrians should be aware of their surroundings.

Always remember to:

  • look out for cyclists as well as cars
  • stop at crossings and wait for cars to stop
  • walk with one earphone out so you can hear cars approaching
  • look before you cross the road
  • do not J walk across City Road

Get more information about safety on campus