New education and research space for the Nepean Clinical School

28 May 2012

A new building for students and staff at the Nepean Clinical School was opened in May this year, further improving education and research in Western Sydney.

Campus Infrastructure and Services delivered new facilities including:

  • clinic and ultrasound rooms
  • clinical skills laboratory, research and education pods
  • student common areas and computer rooms
  • a 90 seat lecture theatre and tutorial rooms
  • staff parking and facilities

Funding for the project was awarded through the Federal Government's Health and Hospital Fund in 2009. It has allowed the Nepean Clinical School to create multi-disciplinary education areas including teaching-focused outpatient clinics.

The Nepean Clinical School educates a range of medical students, and international elective students each year.

The Nepean Clinical School facilities are also used by the Faculty of Nursing, the Ambulance Service of New South Wales and the University of Western Sydney.

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