New email anti-spam system

13 February 2012

Over the next month, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) will be replacing the University's existing anti-spam system, Sophos, with a new system called Spam Manager. Support for Sophos has been withdrawn by the vendor and the University has chosen Spam Manager, a Symantec product, to replace it. The introduction of this new system is part of ICT's ongoing strategy to reduce the amount of spam and phishing attacks received by the University community.

Spam Manager uses a multi-layered approach to identify, slow and reject spam from reaching your inbox. The multiple filters will automatically identify spam messages and direct them to your personal Spam Manager account. You can log into your account online through a web browserto review messages that have been identified as spam and release any emails that may have been misidentified as spam. Any messages identified as containing viruses will be blocked and not available for recovery.

The upgrade process will be staggered over a number of weeks with each migration group being sorted by domain. ICT will contact you when your email account is scheduled to be migrated to the new anti-spam system.

Please remember to never respond to an email that has requested your UniKey account information. If you believe you have received a phishing email or if you have already responded and provided your UniKey details, reset your UniKey passwordimmediately and contact the ICT Helpdesk on 9351 6000.